Credit despite loan agency.

Your loan was approved despite the loan company. Unfortunately, only a few temporary workers receive this answer. The article presents the requirements that must be met in order for a loan to be possible for temporary workers.

Credit approved despite loan company – prerequisites

Credit approved despite loan company - prerequisites

Temporary agency work was one of the market instruments that enabled millions of people to return to work. If politicians from all parties boast of the lower unemployment figures today, temporary agency work has its share in this. Only the price at which employment growth was bought is paid by agency workers alone. The sectoral collective agreements in particular ensure that wages are cut.

Nevertheless, the positive sides should also be seen. Temporary employment contracts are often concluded for an unlimited period. This does not really increase protection against dismissal, but it is the first prerequisite for the loan despite the loan company. Almost every credit institution that provides installment loans requires an unconditional permanent contract.

The second basic requirement for lending is to reach a certain income level. Only those who exceed the seizure allowance can use a cheap installment loan on their own. The current garnishment table can provide information about the personal garnishment exemption limits. Among other things, it is published on Wikipedia or on the website of a debt advisor.

Overcome credit hurdles through agency work

Overcome credit hurdles through agency work

Monthly net income is usually the biggest hurdle to lending to contract workers. Families in which the main earner generates income through agency work are particularly affected. If the limit of unencumberability cannot be clearly exceeded or the budget statement shows no surplus, it becomes difficult. Obtaining a loan from the usual credit system from this situation is usually only possible with outside help.

A solvent guarantor or co-applicant could become liable for the loan. With his good credit rating, he secures the loan to the bank. The guarantor only suffers disadvantages if the borrower does not pay as promised. Then the guarantor is asked to checkout. If everything goes smoothly, the borrower repays the loan despite the loan company, there are no disadvantages for the guarantor. In this case, the guarantee does not impair the guarantor’s personal creditworthiness.

Loan to agency workers – credit intermediaries and personal credit

Loan to agency workers - credit intermediaries and personal credit

Credit intermediaries are often the first port of call when it comes to credit opportunities despite a difficult credit rating. The step of turning on an intermediary is unfortunately not necessarily advisable. Even a credit broker cannot work miracles. The garnishment exemption limit – without any guarantor – also quickly shows the limits of the mediation efforts of a reputable mediator. The more clearly the advertising messages promise a loan without creditworthiness, the risk of getting caught in the hands of a dubious provider.

A reliable loan option is the loan from private lenders in a difficult financial situation. Income that a bank is not allowed to rate for lending, such as child benefit, is given a different weight. Any real income qualifies for repayment. Only such an income cannot be attached. With a clean Schufa and an honestly formulated loan request, nobody has to fall on deaf ears.

A loan has been granted to many honest borrowers, despite the loan company. Some persuasion and time must be factored in.